History of Valata Minusa

The Valata Minusa Toweris an antique tower location, placed in the heart of the Bizantin plateaus of the Iblei’s. The structure was originally a watch tower, that presents  typical Arab – aragon constructive characteristics.

In the late middle ages, until the eighteenth century, it’s role changed becoming a referral center for citizens of the farming community in which the industry of  transforming olives into intense and qualified oil,  characterized by specific tastes.

In the vicinity one still finds today an antique olive mill, a testimony of the intense olive industry activity that characterized this estate that for generations belonged to the Galfo family.

Not habituated in for more than fifty years, after competent and minute works of restoration and thanks to the tenacity and determination of Francesco Frasca Polara, nephew and son of the owners, the Valata Minusa Tower has finally reached its splendor already enriched with family history and authentic sentiments  that has rendered this pulsating locality of life and humanity in ages past.


Inserted in the fascinating context of 20 hectares of property Valata Minusa Tower permits one to undertake easy paths giving the possibility to take relaxing walks, admiring the immense stretch of olive trees, revealing protagonists of the Ragusan country from the most remote times.

The visit to the rural region of Modica presents a multiform scenery of natural and color where the cultivation of olives constitutes one of the country’s most  defused agriculture with centuries old olive trees, scattered on the hilly terrain, and at the margins citrus trees combined with other typical cultivation of the Iblei’s for instance groves of carrube trees, almond trees and vineyards.